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Seeking a Birth Injury Settlement in Ohio for Preeclampsia Eclampsia

Michael Becker

You may be entitled to seek a birth injury settlement in Ohio if your pregnancy led to injuries caused by preeclampsia or eclampsia due to medical negligence. Consulting with a Cleveland birth injury lawyer can help determine your options.

Proving medical negligence of any nature can be very complicated. It can be even further complicated when the damage is related to pregnancy. However, injuries or illness that are not properly diagnosed or treated during this time could lead to the doctor being held liable.

Overview of Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a condition in which the potential is there for a pregnant woman to develop a more serious form known as eclampsia. The underlying factor for preeclampsia is elevated blood pressure, or hypertension.

Hypertension can be treated and not affect the fetus. However, in some cases, it can be very dangerous to the child. This is why recognizing signs of it and treating it properly are so important.

Hypertension, combined with edema (fluid retention) and proteinuria, which is when the urine has too much protein, is what constitutes preeclampsia. A failure to detect these conditions could lead to you seeking a birth injury settlement in Ohio.

Not only should doctors be able to detect high blood pressure, but they should also be able to tell if fluid retention or excess protein in the urine is a problem for the mother. Prenatal visits provide this opportunity.

A patient may also demonstrate signs of preeclampsia, which a doctor should also be aware of. A failure to diagnose and test for these symptoms could be a case of medical negligence. Contact a Cleveland birth injury lawyer to determine if a doctor’s actions or lack of actions were negligent and the cause of your child’s injuries.

Symptoms of Preeclampsia

If you notice any symptoms of this birth injury, pursue a settlement in Ohio with help from your Cleveland birth injury lawyer.

  • abdominal pain;
  • nausea/vomiting;
  • excessive weight gain;
  • hands/face swelling;
  • vision problems; and
  • severe headaches.

It is vital that symptoms are recognized and that proper tests are ordered so that the severity of the condition can be determined. Preeclampsia can be a life-threatening condition.

Overview of Eclampsia

Eclampsia follows preeclampsia and is marked by seizures a pregnant woman experiences. The risk of developing eclampsia is elevated for those women who have preeclampsia plus certain other symptoms such as vision disturbances.

Symptoms of eclampsia include loss of consciousness, convulsions and muscle aches. A failure to recognize symptoms could lead to a birth injury settlement in Ohio.

Treatment of preeclampsia is important, but so is recognizing the risk factors for developing it, such as:

  • multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.);
  • mothers who are 35 or older;
  • history of diabetes, kidney disease or high blood pressure; and
  • teenage pregnancy.

Doctors have a duty to recognize risk factors and properly monitor patients, and failing to do so could be the result of medical negligence. This may entitle you to receive compensation for the injuries or loss suffered.

Help from a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

When you have been diagnosed with preeclampsia or eclampsia, and it results in injuries to your child or the loss of your baby, then you should learn what your rights are. If you believe it was the result of medical negligence, a lawyer can help.

Lawyers can evaluate your case carefully to determine who can be held liable and if you have adequate evidence to prove this. If so, they can help collect it and also assist you with the paperwork involved in pursuing a birth injury settlement in Ohio.

Contacting a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

You place the health and safety of your new baby in the hands of your doctors believing you’ll have a healthy new addition to your family. When a medical professional’s negligence results in the serious injury, permanent disability or death of the infant or the birth mother, the impact on your family can be devastating.

The knowledgeable team of birth injury lawyers at The Becker Law Firm serves residents of the Cleveland and Elyria, Ohio areas when they have been the victims of birth injury, catastrophic injury and wrongful death as the result of medical malpractice. To arrange for a no-cost consultation, home or hospital visit, contact us today(440) 252-4399

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