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Negligent Cesarean Delivery

Michael Becker

A Cesarean delivery can lead to maternal infections and premature birth. If you think your doctor was negligent in your Cesarean delivery, you should speak with a birth injury lawyer.

Although you may have hoped for a vaginal delivery of your baby, sometimes a Cesarean birth is necessary. But even a Cesarean delivery is not without its own set of risks and complications.

For instance, if your Cesarean delivery is not performed in a timely manner, you or your newborn could face serious or fatal injuries. If you are concerned that a doctor’s negligence led to injuries following a Cesarean delivery, you should share your concerns with an experienced birth injury lawyer.

An experienced birth injury lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your Cesarean delivery and possibly help you receive compensation for you or your baby’s injuries.

Common Cesarean Delivery Complications

Common complications that the mother and baby could face from a Cesarean delivery include:

  • Maternal blood loss – this can cause anemia and necessitate a blood transfusion.
  • Maternal infection – can occur at the site of the incision or in any pelvic organs, including the uterus and bladder.
  • Maternal organ damage – the bladder or bowel could become damaged.
  • Maternal mortality – the mortality rate is higher in Cesarean deliveries than it is in vaginal deliveries.
  • Emotional trauma – a Cesarean delivery can cause a new mom to harbor negative feelings about the birth and have difficulty bonding with the baby.
  • Premature birth – if your baby’s gestational age is inaccurate, the baby could be delivered too soon and consequently be underweight and underdeveloped.
  • Fetal injury – Your baby could be cut or nicked during the Cesarean delivery incision.
  • Breathing difficulties – babies who arrive via Cesarean delivery are at risk for respiratory difficulties. They might even require assistance for breathing.
  • Low APGAR scores – newborns are assigned an APGAR score based on their color (pale, pink, blue), heart rate, respiration, reflex response and muscle tone. Fetal distress or anesthesia could lead to low scores.

Labor and delivery complications that could lead your doctor to perform a Cesarean delivery include: signs of fetal distress such as a slow or rapid heart rate; inadequate labor or labor that comes to a complete stop; problems involving the placenta or umbilical cord; and a larger than normal fetus which can’t be delivered vaginally.

Our Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyers May Be Able Help

Although Cesarean deliveries have become prevalent, our Cleveland birth injury lawyers understand that they should not be treated as minor surgery. Your doctor should explain the risks involved and make sure you have a thorough understanding of the procedure and its potential consequences.

If you suffered complications during your Cesarean delivery, a Cleveland birth injury lawyer can help determine issues of negligence. If your Cleveland birth injury lawyer decides you should move forward with a birth injury claim, you might be able to receive compensation for medical expenses for you and your baby, lost earnings and pain and suffering.

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