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Forceps Delivery Causing Injury to Infants

The Becker Law Firm, LPA

During some births, medical professionals choose to use forceps to help deliver babies. This is called “assisted delivery.” A doctor may use forceps when the baby doesn’t face the correct direction or doesn’t naturally progress down the birth canal.

Forceps use is typically safe and can even save a baby’s life by preventing oxygen deprivation; however, sometimes the force involved in using forceps causes injury to the infant. While many of these injuries are minor, others can cause lifelong damage. If your child was injured by the use of forceps during childbirth, you may be able to hold the medical professional and/or hospital accountable for their negligence through an Ohio birth injury lawsuit.

Common birth injuries caused by forceps delivery include bruising, tissue damage, swelling and bone fractures. Other possible and more serious injuries include:

  • Subaponeurotic hemorrhage (the blood accumulates beneath the aponeurosis of the skull, requiring a blood transfusion)
  • Serious head injuries and infection
  • Brain damage
  • Cranial nerve injuries (possibly leading to facial asymmetry)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Shoulder dystocia / Erb’s Palsy / brachial plexus injury
  • Cerebral palsy

To win a lawsuit for birth injury caused by forceps use, you must show that the medical professional’s negligence caused the birth injury. Determining whether the medical professional used the forceps negligently can be difficult. Did he or she use the correct forceps (there are various kinds)? Did the medical professional follow the standard of care required of him or her when using the forceps? Would the infant have avoided the injury if the medical professional had not acted negligently?

These are all questions that an experienced Ohio birth injury lawyer can help you answer.


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