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Certain Conditions Could Cause Organ Damage during Birth

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Birth asphyxia, which refers to the condition where the baby is deprived of oxygen, can cause grave and even permanent organ damage. Other conditions or circumstances could also lead to organ damage during birth.

Birth Asphyxia and Organ Damage

Some causes of birth asphyxia stem from medical negligence. For example, improperly monitoring a child during labor could fail to detect the child’s lack of oxygen. Failure to manage a difficult delivery could mean that a child is deprived of oxygen for a long period of time.

Birth asphyxia not only affects the brain of the newborn but may also damage other organs like the heart or lungs. Babies who suffered mild asphyxia usually recover without any damage to organs. Severe cases of asphyxia where the child went without oxygen to the brain for long periods of time may lead to organ damage and even death.

Some babies deprived of oxygen for very long periods of time may develop other lifelong complications and/or conditions apart from severe organ damage. These babies may develop cerebral palsy or experience developmental difficulties (physical, psychological, and/or cognitive).

Organ Damage from Intracranial Hemorrhage

Intracranial hemorrhage refers to bleeding within the skull. There are various types which are classified depending on the location of the bleeding, for example between the layers of the brain’s covering (subdural hemorrhage). These conditions can cause damage to the brain.

Preterm infants are at greatest risk for intracranial hemorrhage, though there are various risk factors of this condition. It could also be the result of medical negligence. Improper use of assistive birthing instruments or lack of oxygen could cause bleeding in the brain.

Many infants do not exhibit the typical symptoms of hemorrhage. In many cases, it is detected by routine screenings. However, some newborns with intracranial hemorrhage may have seizures or experience jaundice because of elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood. It is up to the healthcare provider to screen the infant for brain injuries and provide the requisite support or treatment to contain the bleeding.

Legal Help for Birth Injury Victims in Cleveland

Healthcare providers whose negligence has led to serious birth complications and injuries may be held responsible for the resultant damages. Parents can pursue legal action by demonstrating that the healthcare professional owed the child a duty of care and acted outside of the reasonable standard of care. They must then demonstrate that the negligence caused the child’s injuries or medical condition, which resulted in damages.

If these factors are established, parents may collect compensation for damages related to the child’s medical care and therapy required to treat the condition. Long-term care needs may also be addressed, as well as other damages that are related to the child’s condition.

Call (440) 252-4399 to speak with an attorney at The Becker Law Firm. A lawyer will review the circumstances of the birth injury or the child’s medical condition and help parents collect evidence, secure expert testimony, and pursue the medical malpractice claim or lawsuit against a healthcare professional responsible for the child’s injuries.

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