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Fetal Brain Damage Because of Medical Negligence

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Fetal brain damage is among the most serious birth injury risks because of its wide-ranging and potentially severe consequences. Like all birth defects or injuries related to medical negligence – such as improper prescription of medication or inadequate response to labor and delivery complications – parents have options to recover compensation for current and projected damages.

Serious Drug Risks

Fetal brain damage can be caused by a healthcare provider incorrectly administering certain drugs to the expecting mother ether during pregnancy or during labor. For instance, improper use of certain labor-inducing drugs may bring about rapid contractions that can obstruct the flow of blood and oxygen to the baby.

Physicians should also discuss potential risks of any medication prescribed during pregnancy. Some drugs may increase risk of certain birth defects.

Failure to Manage Labor and Delivery Complications

Fetal brain damage can occur if healthcare providers fail to respond adequately to complications that might arise during delivery. This includes failure to manage a prolapsed umbilical cord that cuts off oxygen supply to the baby and may cause brain damage. Physicians should also recognize signs of fetal distress and carry out a C-section in a timely manner, if necessary. Additionally, physicians who use vacuum extractors or forceps to aid in delivery should avoid improper use that can cause bleeding or brain damage.

Major Future Complications

Fetal brain damage can have catastrophic consequences both for the baby and parents. Brain damage can hamper normal physical, cognitive, and psychological development in the baby and affect the child’s quality of life. The baby’s parents on the other hand, may have to bear huge medical and care-giving expenses for many years if the child has suffered serious brain damage.

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