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Internal Bleeding after Childbirth

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Talking with a Cleveland birth delivery injury attorney at the Becker Law Firm can help you evaluate your options if you suspect your child’s internal bleeding after delivery was caused by medical negligence. Although these injuries can happen with any delivery, there are circumstances in which negligent actions of the doctor could have been the cause. This may lead you to file a birth injury claim.

When a Birth Delivery Leads to Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding of a newborn can affect various organs, including the brain. In some cases, it is a result of using a delivery tool incorrectly. When a doctor chooses to use vacuum extraction or forceps to assist in a delivery, it must be done with extreme care. If too much force is placed on the baby’s head or if the baby is manipulated improperly, it could lead to bleeding.

Incorrectly using vacuum extraction or forceps can cause, at the very least, bruises and cuts. Other more serious conditions may result in some cases. The following are some of the other internal bleeding complications that may occur from improper use of birthing instruments:

  • intraventricular hemorrhaging: bleeding into the ventricles, which are the fluid-filled parts of the brain;
  • intracranial hemorrhaging: a blood vessel bursts and bleeds within the skull; and
  • cephalhematoma: a pocket of blood forms between the scalp and bone.

Some of these conditions, if minor and promptly treated, won’t cause further problems and likely do not warrant filing a claim. But very serious cases that cause more severe damage or long-lasting effects and are the result of negligence may warrant contacting a Cleveland birth delivery injury attorney.

Damages in a Birth Injury Claim

It can be hard to know if your child’s birth injury was preventable. An attorney familiar with birth delivery injuries will need to review any documentation you have and consider all the facts to determine if you have a viable birth injury claim.

If you do have a case, you not only will need to move forward with the paperwork and evidence collection, but also a determination must be made as to the types of damages you are seeking. The most common are medical costs related to the injury. Not only could you be entitled to expenses related to labor and delivery and treatment of your baby’s complications, but there also may be future medical costs that should be accounted for. For instance, if your child will require additional surgery later on, it will need to be considered.

If your child suffered a permanent brain injury that will result in special services or therapy for the rest of his or her life, those costs should be added, too. A Cleveland birth delivery injury attorney will consider your short-term medical expenses and any long-term ones as well. Damages can also include pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability and more. All of this will depend on the nature, severity and extent of your child’s injuries.

Birth Delivery Injury

Proving that a birth injury was caused by medical negligence can be complicated. It is not uncommon for things to go wrong during labor and delivery, so it doesn’t automatically mean the doctor or another healthcare provider was at fault.

You will need to provide ample evidence that supports your birth injury claim. A lawyer will help collect and evaluate the evidence, which may include Apgar scores, lab results and other medical records. In addition, you will need evidence that substantiates the damages you are seeking. A medical expert may need to be called upon to testify to the circumstances of the injury and the damages being sought.

This is where a Cleveland birth delivery injury attorney from the Becker Law Firm may be able to help. Contact us today at (440) 252-4399 to learn if you have a case worth pursuing and what your next step should be.

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