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Potential Lasik Surgery Errors & Risks

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Lasik surgery errors or mishaps can be especially dangerous, considering this type of surgery affects vision. Many patients have enjoyed the benefits of undergoing a successful surgery. But as with any medical procedure, things can go wrong and may leave patients inquiring about filing a lawsuit, with which a medical malpractice lawyer can assist.

Common Risks of Lasik Eye Surgery

One of the risks of this procedure is that it doesn’t fully correct the patient’s vision. This could result in the necessity for a second surgery, which generally can’t be done until months after healing from the initial procedure.

If additional surgery isn’t an option for whatever reason, then despite undergoing the procedure, the patient still could require glasses or contact lenses. Or the results initially may be successful, yet over time, the patient’s vision may change, and the effects wear off.

Other risks include vision disturbances, severe dry eye symptoms and even loss of vision. But in addition to these common risks, surgeons performing the procedure may make Lasik surgery errors.

Lasik Surgery Errors Made by the Surgeon

Like any other type of surgery, mistakes can happen. Implanting the wrong lens, for example, could ruin the procedure. Failure to verify lens specifications beforehand is one reason this may occur.

Patient mix-ups can result in the surgeon using the wrong patient’s lens specifications. This may be the result of not identifying the patient and verifying that the right lenses are being used. Imagine if one patient was near-sighted and another was far-sighted, and their information was mixed up.

Mistakes can happen during the incision, too. The procedure requires cutting and peeling the outer layer of the cornea, then applying the laser. If this isn’t done correctly, it can cause irreparable damage to the patient’s vision.

Whether it’s transferring the data, verifying patient records, maintaining or repairing equipment, these types of mistakes can result in devastating consequences. Unfortunately, sometimes it means the patient’s vision is worse than before or it may make it impossible to wear contact lenses, necessitating the use of glasses.

Patient Mistakes with Lasik Surgery

Patients may make errors, too. For instance, some may put cost of the procedure over experience and skill when choosing a surgeon to perform the procedure or choose a surgeon who doesn’t bother to discuss the risks and potential complications and inquiring about them.

The decision to undergo this type of surgery is not one that should be made lightly and patients also should ensure that their information is verified, they discuss and understand risk factors, and they pick a surgeon who is experienced and well-qualified to perform the procedure.

Of course, despite taking necessary precautions, some patients have become victims of preventable mistakes. A medical malpractice lawyer at The Becker Law Firm can provide legal counsel to patients who believe a Lasik surgery error was the result of surgeon negligence.

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