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One Out of Every 1000 Newborns Suffer From Erb’s Palsy

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Erb’s Palsy is a type of paralysis that results from a birth injury. This condition, named after Wilhelm Erb, one of the first physicians to describe the condition, affects a child’s nerve and muscle development and occasionally results in stunted growth of an arm. Erb’s Palsy is known to affect approximately one out of every 1,000 babies born every year.

Causes and Symptoms of Erb’s Palsy in Ohio

Erb’s Palsy can be caused during difficult labors. Babies that are large, breech, or endure a long and intensive labor are the most common to experience Erb’s Palsy.

In many cases, the condition results from a baby’s head, neck or shoulders being pulled during childbirth, which results in the child’s nerves becoming stretched and injured.

Symptoms of Erb’s Palsy range from weakness and loss of feeling in the child’s arm to partial or total paralysis of the arm. The condition can be detected by a pediatrician through a regular physical examination, by taking x-rays, or from muscle and nerve testing.

Treatments for Erb’s Palsy in Ohio

In many cases, children born with Erb’s Palsy will recover on their own, though they should be regularly examined by a doctor in order to ensure that the nerves are recovering properly. The process of recovery can take up to two years to complete.

In more severe cases, a child with Erb’s Palsy can be treated though physical therapy that includes daily exercises to increase the range of motion of the child’s shoulders, wrist and elbow. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, the condition may require surgery to improve nerve function.

Pursuing a Medical Malpractice Claim in Ohio

In some cases, babies born with Erb’s Palsy are the result of doctor negligence. If you believe your baby suffered from Erb’s Palsy due to the medical malpractice of the hospital, physician, or medical staff, consulting with an experienced birth injury attorney is recommended.

Parents in Ohio are encouraged to seek the assistance of an Ohio medical malpractice lawyer.

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