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Birth Injury Claim Addressing Long-Term Care of Cerebral Palsy in Child


A child who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy will require long-term care. The costs associated with this can be addressed through an Ohio birth injury claim, if you can prove that it was caused by medical malpractice. An Elyria cerebral palsy lawyer has the knowledge and resources available to help determine negligence.

Oho Birth Injury Claim for Long-Term Care of Child with Cerebral Palsy

While there is no cure for cerebral palsy, a comprehensive management plan can increase the quality of a child’s life. There is an assortment of ways to manage cerebral palsy; however, the costs associated with them are very high.

This is why you would benefit in seeking help from a lawyer who handles birth injury cases. He or she can help make sure that all of your child’s needs are addressed if you have a case of medical malpractice.

Some of the services and resources that may be used in the long-term care of a child with cerebral palsy include:

  • Communication Aids – voice synthesizers, computers;
  • Physical Therapy – stretch muscles, prevent deformities and assist with walking/gait;
  • Speech Therapy – speech deficiencies, swallowing difficulties;
  • Occupational Therapy – dressing, grooming, school;
  • Behavioral Therapy – psychological and emotional needs;
  • Medication – treat muscle spasms, pain and seizures;
  • Mechanical Aids – rolling walker, wheelchair;
  • Surgery – release tightened muscles, anatomical abnormalities; and
  • Orthotic Devices – improve walking/posture, increase independence.

There may also be an assortment of healthcare professionals who can be involved in the long-term care of a child with cerebral palsy, which could include a physician, therapist (physical, speech, occupational, behavioral and counseling), social worker, orthopedist and special-needs educator.

Special caregivers may also need to be used if the parent is unable to care for the child during the day. All of these professionals and services can easily escalate into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, when your child’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy is the result of medical malpractice, then you may be entitled to compensation that covers these expenses through an Ohio birth injury claim.

Damages in an Ohio Birth Injury Claim

It can be overwhelming to consider the costs associated with the care of a child who has cerebral palsy. A lifetime of expensive therapies, medication and personalized care can leave a family wondering what options are available. This is where an Elyria cerebral palsy lawyer can help.

While in some cases cerebral palsy isn’t preventable, in other situations, a doctor may have failed to act or acted in an improper manner as to cause injury to a child. Brain damage can lead to cerebral palsy. If your child suffered brain damage during labor and delivery, and you believe it was preventable, then the doctor may be held liable.

Liability with the doctor can lead to substantial compensation to cover the long-term care of your child. However, this type of case can be very difficult to prove, which is why you should contact a knowledgeable and experienced Elyria cerebral palsy lawyer who will work on your behalf.

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