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Birth Injury

  • About Abruption

    Michael Becker explains partial and complete abruptions.

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  • Being an Informed Healthcare C ...

    Being an informed healthcare consumer gives you the best chance to avoid medical complicat ...

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  • Causes for Placental Abruption

    Michael Becker explains potential causes of Placental Abruption.

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  • What Is Eclampsia?

    Eclampsia is a life-threatening complication of pregnancy to both the mother and the baby.

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  • What Is Preeclampsia?

    Holly Moore explains the serious condition of pregnancy, Preeclampsia.

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  • Conditions for Uteroplacental ...

    Michael Becker discusses two conditions that can cause Uteroplacental Insufficiency.

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  • Causes of Uteroplacental Insuf ...

    What is Uteroplacental Insufficiency, and what can cause it?

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  • What is a Non-Stress Test

    We're explaining the non-invasive procedure known as a Non-Stress Test.

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  • What is a Placenta?

    Michael Becker explains the function and purpose of the placenta.

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  • What is Placental Infarction

    Placental Infarction is a removal of the blood supply from the uterus to the placenta.

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  • What is Placental Abruption?

    Placental Abruption is a tearing away of the placenta from the uterine wall.

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  • What is Fetal Distress

    Learn more about Fetal Distress from Holly Moore.

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  • What is Hypoxemia?

    Hypoxemia is reduced oxygenation in the blood.

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  • What is Oligohydramnios?

    Learn about Oligohydramnios, and the complications that can result.

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  • What is Ischemia?

    Ischemia is a decrease in blood flow to bodily organs or tissues.

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  • What is Asphyxia?

    Asphyxia is pathological changes associated with severe lack of oxygen.

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  • What is Late Deceleration?

    Late deceleration is a decrease in fetal heart rate.

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  • What is Placenta Previa?

    Michael Becker Placenta Previa and why recognizing it is important.

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  • Conditions Leading to IUGR

    Uteroplacental Insufficiency can lead to Intrauterine Growth Restriction.

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  • What is Uteroplacental Insuffi ...

    Michael Becker explains the effect of Uteroplacental Insufficiency on an unborn baby.

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