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Liability in an Ohio Birth Injury Claim Related to Fertility Treatments


If your child suffers from a birth defect that you believe was caused by some type of medical negligence, then it would be in your best interests to consult with a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer to discuss filing an Ohio birth injury claim.

When it comes to liability in an Ohio birth injury claim, it will depend on who was negligent or acted in a manner that caused unnecessary injuries. Proving this type of case can be very complicated, which is why you need knowledgeable help on your side.

In most cases involving birth defects caused by fertility treatments, liability will either be found with the doctor who administered the treatments or the manufacturer of the drugs if they are found to be dangerous or defective.

Because so many medical professionals are involved in the process of fertility treatments, pinpointing responsibility can be very difficult. This is why you will need attorneys who specialize in birth injury cases. They know the type of evidence that will be necessary for your claim.

When fertility treatments cause a birth defect, you may be able to pursue an Ohio birth injury claim. Consulting with a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer can help you learn what your legal rights are and if you have enough evidence to support your claim.

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