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Adaptive & Assistive Technology for Children with Cerebral Palsy


It is an exciting time for the parents of children with disabilities—modern technology has given rise to numerous inventions that help to improve the lives of children with cerebral palsy. Assistive technology is any device that can increase, maintain or improve the abilities of people with disabilities.

Assistive Technology Examples


Technology advances at a rapid pace, and we are fortunate that children with cerebral palsy have more opportunities for communication with their parents, teachers and peers through computers. There are a number of different types of computers—toys with special switches, iPad and tablet computer software, keyboard adaptations and headrest controls.

Computers can be endlessly adapted to the individual needs of a child, and it is impressive to watch a child’s vocabulary and abilities grow by using simple communication boards. For more information, go to SpeechTx.


Most of the life care plans we develop for children and adults with cerebral palsy include equipment to encourage mobility. Cerebral palsy should not be a barrier to enjoyment of the outside world, and there are a plethora of walkers, standers, wheelchairs and mobility vans that can be useful.


Probably the most concerning factor for parents of children with cerebral palsy is nutrition. The more severe the injury, the more difficult it can be to provide proper nutrition. Some children will require feeding tubes, but others can be taught proper movement of the lips, tongue, and jaw to encourage feeding.


Special care must be taken when purchasing toys for children with disabilities. The National Lekotek Center publishes a toy-buying guide to help parents and friends find the perfect toy. Other sources for toys:

  • AblePlay

One of our life care planners in particular recommends that children with cerebral palsy have dogs—she has discovered that the relationship between a dog and a child is beneficial for both. Some children with particularly severe cerebral palsy may even benefit from the service-trained dogs.

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