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Birth Injury Litigation Related to a Fractured Collarbone


You may be entitled to pursue Ohio birth injury litigation if your child suffered a fractured collarbone as a result of medical negligence. Cleveland birth injury lawyers are available to evaluate the details and determine if you have a valid claim worth pursuing.

When Your Child Suffers a Fractured Collarbone

The labor and delivery process can become complicated, with a number of problems arising. While some of are unavoidable, there are some cases that are caused by medical negligence. This could lead to the doctor or any other responsible healthcare provider being held liable for your child’s injuries.

A fractured collarbone can happen during the birthing process. In some situations, it is the result of a difficult birth, caused by the child’s shoulders getting stuck inside the birth canal.

It could be the result of the child being too large to fit through the birth canal or if the baby is in a breech position. In some instances, it would be best to deliver the child through Caesarean section, rather than trying to force the child through.

The collarbone could be broken if the doctor uses extreme force to get the child out. Or it could be broken if the doctor incorrectly uses forceps or vacuum extraction to assist in the delivery.

In some cases a doctor may put his or her hands inside the birth canal to help bring the child out. But if done excessively, the pulling could also lead a broken collarbone.

While broken bones generally heal, this type of break isn’t always detected immediately. If the doctor is unaware that the child has suffered a broken collarbone, it could lead to delayed healing. It could even potentially cause future problems with the child’s arm and shoulder.

Available Damages in Ohio Birth Injury Litigation

The types of damages that may be available through a birth injury claim will differ. In the case of a fractured collarbone, you could be entitled to compensation that covers all of your child’s medical expenses. Additionally, if your child is facing future treatment such as surgery, then that may also be covered.

If the fractured collarbone isn’t detected and there isn’t proper healing, leading to future problems with the arm and shoulder, then damages may even be available for that. Consulting with a lawyer who handles birth injury cases is the best way to learn what legal options are available and what types of compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Cleveland birth injury lawyers understand that you may have a lot of concerns about your child’s future and the impact a fractured collarbone may have on it. The best way to understand what your next step should be is to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

You will need a lawyer to assist you in the collection of evidence that proves not only liability, but also the severity of your child’s injury and how it may impact his or her life. Trying to settle this type of claim on your own is not a good idea, as you may find your settlement is diminished or even denied.

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