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Ohio woman files medical malpractice suit against abortion clinic

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Medical malpractice cases here in Ohio generally involve a patient claiming that he or she was injured or otherwise harmed due to the negligence of a doctor or another medical professional. In a somewhat unusual case that is taking place in the Akron area, a mother is suing a clinic after giving birth to a baby girl in September–even though both the mother and the baby are healthy.

The woman has filed a medical malpractice claim against an abortion clinic and two doctors because they allegedly failed to terminate her pregnancy in March 2012. The woman, who has a pre-school aged son, made the very difficult decision to undergo an abortion because her doctor instructed her that the pregnancy was very high risk and that there was a serious danger that she would not survive it.

The woman underwent an abortion at a clinic in the Akron area, and several days later she visited her primary care doctor when she became very ill. That physician found that she was still pregnant, despite having undergone the termination procedure.

The woman was not comfortable going back to the abortion clinic, and another clinic told her that it would not correct the original clinic’s medical mistakes, so she decided to continue with the pregnancy. After a very difficult and high-risk pregnancy, which involved multiple hospital admissions among other adverse events, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl in September.

Although this woman is very happy with the end result of giving birth to a daughter that she calls her “miracle baby,” she has filed the lawsuit to find out exactly what happened at the abortion clinic. The woman does not know what took place when she was sedated and underwent the procedure at the abortion clinic, and now she wants answers.

The lawsuit accuses the clinic and its doctors of deviating from the acceptable standard of care. The clinic has denied the allegations.

The future of this case remains to be seen, but this is an example of how medical malpractice lawsuits are a means not only to obtain compensation for injuries, but also to find answers and hold negligent medical parties accountable for their mistakes.

Source: The Daily Mail “The baby who came back from the dead: Mother, 22, sues abortion clinic after doctos ‘failed to terminate pregnancy that could have killed her’-but she then gives birth to a healthy little girl,” Helen Pow, April 1, 2013

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