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Newborn Circumcision Injury: Medical Liability


After a newborn circumcision injury, you may wonder about medical liability. To learn if you are entitled to seek compensation, contact birth injury attorneys in Cleveland to discuss your case.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), complication rates of newborns undergoing circumcision in the United States are at 0.2 percent. Although this is good news in general, for those families who are affected by this type of birth injury, it can be a devastating experience.

What is a common type of newborn circumcision Injury?

The CDC indicates that in the U.S., infection and bleeding are common complications. When properly and immediately treated, they usually won’t lead to further harm. However, sepsis and uncontrollable bleeding could be fatal.

Pain is another complication that generally can be minimized with an appropriate amount of analgesic, commonly used in a circumcision. But if your child suffers from extreme pain after a circumcision, then you may want to contact birth injury attorneys to see if you can file a claim.

Some injuries will require surgical correction. One example is amputating the penile glans. Failure to reattach it properly and immediately could lead to permanent disfigurement and medical liability on the part of the surgeon.

Another type of newborn circumcision injury is removing too much skin. This will also require surgery to correct.

Circumcision clamps could lead to injuries as a result of the clamps malfunctioning or an ineffective design. To hold a manufacturer liable, it takes a lot more legal maneuvering, and you may want to secure the services of birth injury attorneys.

In some cases, newborns are not good candidates for a circumcision. Failure to recognize congenital anomalies that may disqualify a newborn from this procedure could lead to medical liability.

There are other types of injuries that can happen, including anesthesia complications. As a result, you may be entitled to file a birth injury claim.

Who can be held liable for a newborn circumcision injury?

Many healthcare professionals could be found responsible for circumcision injuries:

  • doctors;
  • surgeons;
  • nurses; and
  • anesthesiologists.

For instance, these professionals could be held responsible if the environment or equipment was unsanitary. Manufacturers, such as those who make circumcision clamps, could be liable for injuries. You would need to demonstrate that the product was defective in some way.

Consulting birth injury attorneys can give you a better understanding of the legal options that might be available. You also can learn what types of compensation may be recoverable.

What types of damages can be recovered in a birth injury claim?

The extent and severity of your newborn’s injuries will be a factor when it comes to determining eligible compensation. If complications were minor and easily treated, you may not have a case.

However, if the job was botched and your newborn now has a deformity or permanent scarring, then compensation may be available. Or if surgery was required to correct an injury, surgery expenses may be recoverable.

If your newborn required a stay in the hospital and medical treatment, those costs may be included in your birth injury claim. In addition, you could be entitled to damages that address issues such as pain and suffering and distress.

While taking care of your newborn, the time you missed from work could be included. Don’t hesitate to contact birth injury attorneys, like the Becker Law Firm, to learn more about your legal rights after a newborn circumcision injury and about how medical liability is determined: (440) 252-4399.

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