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Taking Care of Yourself After a Premature Birth: Tips for Coping and Staying Healthy


The time following the birth of a child is one filled with excitement, anxiety and sometimes even stress. These are normal feelings, but they can be intensified for parents who’ve had to deal with a traumatic birth injury or the various risks of premature birth.

Staying Healthy after a Premature Birth

While caring for a newborn, it is important that the parents take the time to care for themselves as well. This can be an overwhelming and emotional time but parents may help combat stress and anxiety with these tips:

  • ask for help from friends or family members with babysitting;
  • maintain personal hygiene;
  • do light exercises if possible;
  • open a window or ask to be taken outside for fresh air;
  • try to get eight hours of sleep a night and rest often;
  • join a support group for parents of premature children;
  • talk with a counselor or mental health professional;
  • write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal; and
  • find a creative outlet such as drawing or knitting to help occupy your mind.

Parents who experience intense feelings of fear, anxiety or depression for an extended period of time after premature birth may be advised to seek the help of a mental health professional on an ongoing basis.

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