Delayed C Section Causing Birth Injury in Cuyahoga County

With certain factors in place, a delayed C-section could lead to devastating results. If your child suffered injuries as a result of what you believe was doctor negligence, then you should consult with a birth injury lawyer in Cuyahoga County to discuss your case.

When medical professionals act or fail to act in a manner that is considered negligent, they may be found liable for resulting injuries. Contacting a lawyer is the best way to learn what your rights are.

Complications that May Require an Emergency Caesarian Section

There are complications that may require a doctor to perform an emergency C-section. A failure to do so or a delayed Caesarian could lead to serious or fatal injuries.

Here are some complications that may require a doctor to perform an emergency C-section:

  • baby isn’t receiving enough oxygen;
  • baby’s heart rate is too slow or too fast;
  • problems with the umbilical cord or placenta;
  • prolonged labor;
  • abnormal progression of labor;
  • baby is larger than thought; and
  • labor completely stops.

If a doctor fails to take action in a timely manner, and there is a delayed C-section, injuries to the baby and/or mother could indicate medical negligence. Talking to a birth injury lawyer in Cuyahoga County will help you learn if you have a legitimate case worth pursuing.

Determining Liability in a Delayed Caesarian

Despite a high number of Caesarians being performed in the U.S., there are still cases where babies and/or mothers are injured due to a delayed C-section. Injuries can range from brain damage to bodily injuries, such as to the arms or shoulders.

Even though a child was injured as a result of a delayed Caesarian, it doesn’t always mean that the doctor is liable. You will need to establish that it was the doctor’s negligence that caused the injuries. This can be very challenging to prove, so you should seek help from a birth injury lawyer in Cuyahoga County. A qualified lawyer will have an understanding of this unique area of the law, along with general medical knowledge.

Damages in a Birth Injury Claim

When your child’s injuries are caused by medical negligence, you may be entitled to damages. Depending on the type of injury and the impact it may have on your child’s life, you could face a lifetime of medical expenses. Damages may be available that not only address your current medical expenses, but also future ones. Medical expenses can include hospital stays, surgery, doctor visits, physical therapy, medication, rehabilitation, assistive devices and more.

Some injuries may require specialized care, such as a caregiver or special educational services. These are other damages that may be recoverable through a claim. A birth injury lawyer will consider carefully the financial impact a delayed C-section has and the resulting injuries could have on your child and family.

Hiring a Lawyer When Delayed Caesarian Occurs

Determining whether or not to proceed with a birth injury claim is not an easy decision. It is best to seek experienced legal counsel, in order to determine if you have a legitimate case that is worth pursuing.

You will want to hire a birth injury lawyer who you feel comfortable with and has experience in handling these types of claims. This important decision could impact the rest of your child’s life.

Don’t delay in seeking legal help. A lawyer can explain what the statute of limitations is for your state. He or she may also assist you with filling out the forms and paperwork that are necessary for proceeding with your claim. And an attorney may be able to help in assembling the evidence you will need to prove your case.

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