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iPAD Apps for Children with Disabilities

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As time goes on, more and more families are embracing the tablet lifestyle. Amazon recently announced the $50.00 tablet, which is so competitive that it comes in a six-pack. Tablets are of course useful for work and fun, and many parents have delved into the educational offerings.

So what about special education?

Top Ten iPad Apps for Special Education

Here are our favorite iPad apps for children with disabilities:

  1. The Social Express: Designed to help children understand social cues, identify feelings in others, and makes friends. (Apple, $4.99/month)
  2. Zones of Regulation: Another social thinking app, it works to help encourage self-regulation and emotion control. (Apple, $5.99)
  3. Singing Fingers: A fun app for children, the user makes a sound while “painting,” and touches the paint to replay the sound. (Apple, $0.99).
  4. Let’s Be Social: This is designed to teach social communication skills, and includes the ability to create customized lessons. (Apple, $19.99)
  5. ProloQuo2Go: Admittedly very expensive, this app is popular with speech therapists and helps provide alternative communication for people who have trouble speaking. (Apple, $249.99)
  6. TalkTablet: A less expensive option than ProloQuo2Go, this app is billed as a speech solution for people with autism, aphasia, Down syndrome, and other conditions. (Apple, $79.99)
  7. Visual Routine: Useful for all children, this app creates schedules that can include text, pictures or both. It can be used to create daily routines for children to follow. (Apple, $3.99)
  8. Splingo’s Language Universe: Science-fiction fanatics will enjoy interacting with Splingo the alien as they learn listening and language skills. This was developed by Speech and Language Therapists and Pathologists. (Apple, $2.99)
  9. Write My Name: Dedicated to enhancing fine motor skills, children will learn how to write letters and important sight words. (Apple, $3.99)
  10. Dexteria: Featuring therapeutic hand exercises to improve fine motor skills, this uses the unique features of tablet computing (ability to swipe, tap, pinch, write, etc…) to enhance abilities. (Apple, $3.99)

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Technology can be used to supplement education, particularly for those children who need it most. Tablet computing is a personalized and accessible means for parents to enhance their children’s education and social skills. With skilled teachers, therapists, doctors and other health care providers creating new apps every day, there is certainly something for every child.

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