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Attorney Cullers Obtains $2.9 Million Settlement in Birth Injury Case


Our firm is passionate about ensuring that the wrongfully injured obtain the justice and compensation they’re entitled to, and that’s precisely what Mr. Cullers did in a recent birth injury case.

Romney Cullers represented a family of three in a birth injury case against a community hospital in rural Ohio, after the family’s case was turned down by two other law firms. The mother experienced a placental abruption while pregnant with her son, but due to an unnecessary delay in care, her son was deprived of oxygen and suffered a brain injury as a result. He now suffers from permanent developmental delays. On December 9, 2019, Mr. Cullers was able to help the family reach a favorable settlement of $2.9 million for the benefit of the injured child, now three years old.

The Full Story

Three years ago, our client, who was close to her delivery date, went to the hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain. Nurses used fetal monitoring equipment to attempt to find the baby’s heartbeat, but they were unable to locate it. They continued to search for the heartbeat for an additional 20 minutes rather than notifying the on-call obstetrician.

When the obstetrician was finally called, the mother’s condition was diagnosed immediately as a placental abruption. A placental abruption requires immediate medical intervention, otherwise it can result in severe damage or loss of life for both the mother and unborn baby. The doctor performed an emergency C-section, but because of the significant delay caused by the nursing staff, the abruption had already interrupted blood flow to the baby, resulting in a decreased supply of oxygen to the baby’s brain.

Mr. Cullers was able to explain that the baby could have avoided his brain injury if the nurses had recognized the telltale signs of a dangerous situation and notified the obstetrician about the emergency immediately. Because of their negligence, the injured child will require ongoing medical treatment and therapy to help with communication skills, motor skills, and other essential functions. In all likelihood, he may continue to rely on such assistance through adulthood.

While we understand this settlement can in no way fix the trauma and pain our clients have endured, we believe justice and compensation can help them heal and provide their son with the resources he needs and deserves.

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