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Ohio Receives $12 Million for Fight Against Maternal Mortality


Maternal mortality is a growing problem in the United States. In fact, our country is the most dangerous place in the developed world for a woman to give birth. Ohio is no exception to this rule, and as a recent report from the Ohio Department of Health indicated, more than 57% of all pregnancy-related deaths in the state are considered to be preventable.

To combat this serious epidemic of pregnancy-related deaths and injuries, the Ohio Department of Health has been granted over $12 million in federal funding from HRSA and the CDC. These funds will be used to create a maternal mortality task force here in Ohio, ultimately saving thousands of mothers’ lives across the state.

Why Are Maternal Mortality Rates So High?

Research indicates that the rate of pregnancy-related death in the United States has increased twofold since 1987. As USA Today published in their groundbreaking report in July 2018, over 50,000 expecting mothers are severely injured during and after childbirth each year, with approximately 700 mothers dying due to complications.

According to that investigation and subsequent studies, the primary causes of maternal mortality are entirely preventable conditions, including preeclampsia and post-partum hemorrhage. Yet although 30 different states have attempted to study this problem in the past, another USA Today investigation revealed that most states have focused their attention on the wrong areas.

By blaming mothers for their lifestyles, habits, and weights, states like Ohio failed to account for the real source of the problem: An ongoing lack of attention to mothers in the delivery room itself. Even though it’s a relatively simple matter for physicians to stop preeclampsia from turning deadly, doctors and nurses often skip the routine blood pressure tests that would identify this dangerous condition early on. The same is true in cases of extreme blood loss – a common occurrence during and after childbirth.

How Can You Hold Physicians Accountable?

While the recent $12 million grant to the Ohio Department of Health could make a significant impact on maternal mortality rates, it isn’t enough to make up for those who have already suffered because of physician negligence. Expecting mothers and their children deserve more from health care providers, and families may require financial compensation after a life-threatening injury or the loss of a beloved family member.

At The Becker Law Firm, our medical malpractice and birth injury lawyers are dedicated to our clients – and we accept no excuses for physician negligence during pregnancy. Medical professionals have a duty of care towards their pregnant patients, and when they have failed to meet that duty, we’ll fight for the fair compensation that you need. With two Registered Nurses who are also highly-skilled lawyers, our firm is uniquely positioned to maximize your chances of success in a complex birth injury claim.

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