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Romney Cullers Obtains $1.1M Settlement for Operating Room Death


Romney Cullers and The Becker Law Firm recently secured a $1.1 million settlement for the family of a 28-year-old man who tragically lost his life due to excessive bleeding during an elective surgery.

The case concerned a video-assisted thoracic surgery at a community hospital, and was chosen electively by the young man to repair a collapsed lung. Prior to the incident, the operating surgeon had described the surgery as “routine” to the man and his family, and that he had performed the procedure hundreds of times.

During the procedure, the surgeon inadvertently lacerated a large central vein in the young man’s chest with a scissor-like device. Though surrounded by health care professionals, the man bled to death on the operating table before life-saving blood products could be infused in time to stop a massive hemorrhage which had quickly developed.

Prior to hiring The Becker Law Firm, the young man’s family was turned down by a well-known Cleveland law firm that told them complications such as these are often unavoidable, and that negligence probably did not occur.

The Becker Law Firm conducted an extensive investigation which revealed failures on the surgeon’s part to follow safe operative techniques. Romney Cullers leveraged findings from the investigation to argue that the failure directly resulted in a massive bleeding event, and ultimately the young man’s death.

The Becker Law Firm is thankful to have secured this result for a family which not only suffered a profound and tragic loss, but had also been told there was little hope to obtain justice and recompense for their suffering. Backed by a team of highly experienced medical malpractice attorneys and medical experts who assist in meticulous investigations, the firm looks for any and all possible strategies that may help firm clients prevail – and are grateful for the trust this family placed in The Becker Law Firm to do just that.

The Becker Law Firm is a nationally recognized Cleveland-based civil trial practice that represents victims and families throughout Ohio, and claimants in complex medical malpractice and birth injury claims across the country. If you have questions about medical malpractice, contact us to speak personally with an attorney.

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