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Michael Becker's Book "Stop Bullying!: Kids' Views on Bullying" Available Now


Stop Bullying!Michael Becker has had an interest in the pervasive health threat to our children called “bullying.”

Bullying is an intentional act by another upon a target child where there may be an imbalance of power in favor of the bully. This imbalance of power, whether observed or perceived, can come from many social situations.

Make no mistake, the bully takes pleasure in inflicting emotional and / or physical harm upon the targeted child. Michael, through The Becker Law Firm, has been actively supporting a Cleveland based anti-bullying campaign for many years called “2 Strong 4 Bullies.” This program includes educating the public of the dangers of bullying and ways to protect our children.

In February 2020 Michael published a book entitled “Stop Bullying!: Kids’ Views on Bullying.”

This book is a collaboration by Mike with many children between the 3rd and 8th grades from the Cleveland area. It provides kids’ perspectives on types of bulling, why bulling hurts, and how to stop bullying.

The book is available for purchase through links on the website for Mike’s charitable foundation,

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