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The Becker Law Firm Recovers $3.25M After Oxycodone Overdose Causes Child’s Death

$3.25 million settlement

Our attorney team at The Becker Law Firm is proud to announce that we obtained a $3.25 million settlement in favor of our client whose child suffered a wrongful death due to oxycodone.

When our client brought their three-year-old child in for a medical visit, their physician prescribed a highly concentrated adult dose of oxycodone to the child. The pharmacist who then reviewed the prescription failed to address the medication error; instead, the pharmacist filled the prescription. Electronic alerts notified both the physician and the pharmacist that the dosage was dangerous for a three year-old, but both providers overrode and ignored the alerts.

The mother, who was led to believe that the dose was safe, administered a single dose of the prescription to her child. The three-year-old died an hour later due to acute intoxication by oxycodone.

We at The Becker Law Firm were deeply saddened to hear of this case, an embodiment of one of a parent’s worst nightmares. Applying our award-winning trial skills, we fought tooth and nail to win our clients justice for the death of their child. No amount of money can make up for a child’s death, but negligent parties must face consequences for their actions. The $3.25 million settlement we have recovered for our client will help them cover the costs associated with their child’s death and give them peace of mind knowing these two medical providers will not commit the same error again.

Protecting Families from Negligent Health Care Providers

No parent should have to mourn their child. When negligence causes the death of a child, The Becker Law Firm is here to hold the at-fault hospital, clinic, physician, pharmacist, or other health care provider accountable. At our Cleveland firm, we genuinely care about our clients, as we have seen firsthand the positive difference a jury verdict or settlement can make in their lives.

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