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Verdict Upheld! $11.35 Million Verdict for Teen Who Suffered Brain Injury at Birth Upheld by Ohio Supreme Court

Verdict upheld!

The Becker Law Firm is pleased to announce that an $11.35 million verdict obtained by Partners Michael Becker and David Skall in 2018 on behalf of a teenager who suffered a brain injury at the time of birth has been upheld by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

This significant victory follows four years of appellate litigation in which the defendant challenged the verdict all the way to the highest court in Ohio. Now that the Supreme Court of Ohio has declined to accept the case for review, however, the verdict has been upheld and the defendant physician and her insurer will now be required to pay the verdict in full, along with an additional payment of $1.8 million in post-judgment interest.

This result is the product of the tireless efforts of Mr. Becker and Partner David Skall, who continued to fight for our client through several years of appeals. As Firm Founder Michael Becker notes:

“Now, after four years of appeals, the Supreme Court of Ohio has finally put an end to this young man’s legal ordeal by declining to accept the case for review, which means the verdict has been upheld. We are pleased that our client and his family will now have all the support and resources they need.”

Michael F. Becker and David Skall are Partners at The Becker Law Firm. Together, they have helped recover more than $600 million for victims of negligence, including millions for victims of birth injury and medical malpractice. In addition to record results, our Cleveland personal injury attorneys have also become known for their relentless pursuit of justice and for prevailing in cases other law firms have rejected for being too complex or seemingly hopeless. Learn more about our team and the cases we handle, or contact us to discuss a matter of your own.

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