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Partner Romney Cullers Secures $3.8 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Case

$3.8M Settlement

The Becker Law Firm is pleased to congratulate partner Romney Cullers for his resolution of wrongful death claims on behalf of parents grieving the loss of their 7-month-old daughter. The claims were settled for $3.8 million last week and were the result of medical negligence arising from open heart surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. The little girl was born with a structural abnormality of the heart that affects normal blood flow. The defect is rare and must be repaired surgically during the early months of life. The surgery is complicated and involves the closure of a hole in the heart and the enlargement of a valve by cutting away obstructive muscle tissue. During the procedure, the surgeon must paralyze the child’s heart and maintain the child’s circulation with cardiac bypass technology.

Mr. Cullers, with assistance of the Firm’s in-house medical personnel, determined that the child suffered a global ischemic heart injury as the direct result of the surgical team’s failure to properly infuse medications used to paralyze the heart. The child’s heart was rendered non-functional during the surgery and she unfortunately died in the hospital. It is our hope that these parents will find solace and somehow move forward after this horrific tragedy. The Firm also wishes to acknowledge the efforts of co-counsel Steve Goldberg for his efforts in bringing this case to resolution.

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