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Learning Resources For Disabled Children


Just like the rest of us, children with disabilities, are capable of learning, growing, and improving. Sometimes it takes longer, and sometimes it requires more creativity. However, a disability does not define a child. Particularly because of technology, there are extensive educational resources for children of all ability levels.


Technology & Apps

Thanks to the iPad, several apps are available that help children with disabilities to learn and communicate. Even recently, assistive communicative devices could cost thousands of dollars, but with tablet computers it is finally widely affordable.


Improvement of gross motor skills is important for children with physical disabilities, like cerebral palsy. Here are some options and ideas:

  • Martial arts: especially for children with shoulder dystocia injuries like brachial plexus, a good martial arts program will inspire confidence and help them to overcome the limitations of their disability
  • Adaptive Physical Education: ideas about how to include children with physical disabilities in a gym or physical education class
  • Swimming: water decreases pressure on bones and joints, which is beneficial for children with physical disabilities. Being in the water is also fun for children, which can be an important motivator for exercise.
  • Parent Toolkit for Adapted and Inclusive Fitness


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