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Filing an Ohio Birth Injury Claim after Being Given Dangerous Drugs during Pregnancy

Michael Becker

If you were given dangerous drugs during pregnancy and your child suffered injuries, then you may be able to file an Ohio birth injury claim. In order to understand what your legal options are, you should speak immediately with an Elyria birth injury lawyer.

Many drugs, whether they are prescription or over-the-counter are not safe to take while pregnant. Healthcare providers should discuss the risks of taking any medication while pregnant and the potential birth injuries that may result.

When Dangerous Drugs during Pregnancy Lead to Birth Defects

Birth defects can occur for a number of reasons. One way a child can suffer defects is through the mother’s use of dangerous drugs. The development of the fetus may be interrupted by these drugs or they can lead to premature birth if early contractions are triggered.

Drugs can also interfere with the proper functioning of the placenta. The placenta is vital to the fetus, so if there is a reduction in oxygen or blood vessels are constricted, it could lead to underdevelopment. This is a risk factor for a birth defect.

While medication can be considered dangerous during any point of the pregnancy, the first trimester is often considered the most crucial. It is during the 3rd and 8th week of growth that the unborn child’s body systems and organs are beginning to develop. Defects that happen during this time could be life-altering.

This is why you may be able to seek compensation for the defects your child has suffered through an Ohio birth injury claim. An Elyria birth injury lawyer will carefully examine the details in your case to determine if you have a valid claim that is worth pursuing.

A lawyer will also help determine who could potentially be held liable and what types of damages you may be entitled to receive.

Types of Dangerous Drugs during Pregnancy

There are some drugs that are especially dangerous during pregnancy and, if you were prescribed them, may require you to file an Ohio birth injury claim. These drugs are known to lead to serious birth defects and injuries.

Some of the specific types of drugs that may be dangerous while pregnant include:

  • teratogens;
  • oral hypoglycemic drugs;
  • long-acting medications;
  • some types ofantibiotics;
  • anticancer drugs;
  • antidepressants;
  • seizure/anticonvulsant medication;
  • anxiety medication;
  • painkillers;
  • thyroid drugs;
  • high blood pressure medication;
  • sleeping pills;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; and
  • some dermatology drugs.

Doctors should be aware of the risks of these drugs and the potential serious, even fatal injuries that can result when taking during pregnancy. A failure to take this into consideration or to inform the patient of these risks can implicate doctor liability.

However a pharmacist could also be held liable if there was a mistake made while filling a prescription.

Prescription errors have been made due to:

  • an inability to read the doctor’s handwriting;
  • medication mix-ups with similar sounding or looking names; and
  • being given another patient’s prescription.

How an Elyria Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you were given dangerous drugs during pregnancy, you may be wondering about your legal rights. This is best determined with the help of an experienced lawyer.

A lawyer can help you with every aspect of your case, from the initial filing of your paperwork, to the point you reach a settlement. In between a lawyer can assist you with the collection of evidence necessary for your case and utilize resources that can help substantiate your case, such as providing expert medical witnesses.

Before you decide to file your Ohio birth injury claim, you should seek legal counsel to ensure that all of you and your baby’s rights are protected. Time is of the essence, so don’t delay.

Contacting an Elyria Birth Injury Lawyer

You place the health and safety of your new baby in the hands of your doctors believing you’ll have a healthy new addition to your family. When a medical professional’s negligence results in the serious injury, permanent disability or death of the infant or the birth mother, the impact on your family can be devastating.

The knowledgeable team of birth injury lawyers at The Becker Law Firm serves residents of the Cleveland and Elyria, Ohio areas when they have been the victims of birth injury, catastrophic injury and wrongful death as the result of medical malpractice.

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