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Lorain County Birth Injury Attorney Discusses Benefits and Risks of Assisted Birth Methods


A Lorain County birth injury attorney can help you better understand whether you have a case if your child suffered injury during delivery. Doctors often turn to assisted birth methods such as vacuum extraction or forceps to help the delivery process. Keep reading for reasons one may be chosen over the other, as described by an article appearing in the American Family Physician.

Why Doctor May Use Vacuum Extraction

The following are some of the reasons doctors may use vacuum extraction instead of forceps delivery:

  • it carries less risk of neonatal skull or facial injuries;
  • it is generally faster;
  • it may cause less trauma to the mother’s genitals and is not as uncomfortable; and
  • it does not require as much anesthesia.

Why Doctors May Use Forceps

In other situations, doctors may use forceps instead of vacuum assisted delivery because:

  • it has a higher success rate; and
  • there is less risk of certain complications such as cephalohematoma and bleeding into the retina.

In the end, though, a doctor’s training and relative comfort level with each procedure may influence his or her choice of assisted delivery method.

When Birth Injury Results from Assisted Birth

Doctors choose assisted birth methods to aid in the delivery process, but these methods may still carry some risk. If your baby has suffered an injury, contact an experienced birth injury attorney in Lorain County to discuss your case. The Becker Law Firm has successfully litigated many birth injury cases, and they are ready to review your case. Call for a free case evaluation today at (440) 252-4399.

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