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Causes of Hemorrhage in Baby and Mother


Hemorrhage is a broad term that simply means uncontrolled bleeding.  It can affect both babies and mothers alike, for a variety of reasons.  Unnoticed or improperly treated, it can lead to exsanguination, or the loss of enough blood to cause death.  When bleeding occurs in the brain there is a high chance of permanent neurological injury.

Causes of Hemorrhage in the Pregnant/Delivering Woman

Hemorrhage in the pregnant woman can be caused by:

Causes of Hemorrhage in the Baby

Bleeding in the baby can be caused by:

Brain bleeds in particular can cause lifetime problems, including cerebral palsy and developmental delays.

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Unexplained or unresolved bleeding, whether to the mother or child, can cause serious complications or death.  If a loved one had hemorrhage during pregnancy or near the time of birth, contact our medical malpractice lawyers at (440) 252-4399, or send us a message online

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