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Many children are born with cerebral palsy

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Every day, children are born with various types of injuries and birth defects that can cause not only physical impairments, but also lifelong issues that will require constant medical care and attention. Cerebral palsy is an example of such a condition.

According to News Medical, cerebral palsy happens because of some sort of damage to a child’s brain that can take place before, during or after the child’s birth. It typically consists of a number of neurological conditions that can affect a child’s coordination and general movement.

Birth injuries and birth defects

Giving birth to a child is almost always one of the happiest occasions in a parent’s life; however, having to deal with birth-related complications can soon turn that happiness into sheer fright. Parents are undoubtedly fearful for their child’s life, even in the womb, and any type of problem can be terrifying.

It can be hard to tell whether certain complications stem from a birth defect or were caused by an injury during birth. For instance, cerebral palsy might occur in a child who was not provided with enough oxygen at the time of labor, which is a birth injury that could have been avoided with proper medical care, or the palsy might have been caused by a birth defect that could not be prevented.

Causes and symptoms of cerebral palsy

News Medical notes that there are a number of possible causes of cerebral palsy, some of which include the following:

  • Premature or difficult birth
  • Bleeding in the baby’s brain
  • Abnormal brain development
  • Infection during the early stages of pregnancy

It has been demonstrated, however, that the primary cause of cerebral palsy is due to a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain at the time of birth or during the pregnancy.

There are different types of cerebral palsy, and accordingly, there can be a variety of symptoms depending on the level of brain damage that a child has. Some parents might notice that their child has a bit of difficulty with learning things, or he or she might have impaired speech. Other parents might have children who experience blindness, deafness or developmental delays.

Individuals who believe that their child’s birth injury may have been caused by some form of negligence by a medical professional who was treating them during the pregnancy should seek the counsel of a capable birth injury attorney who can examine the facts of the case and advise them about possible remedies.

An experienced medical malpractice attorney can handle a number of malpractice lawsuits, including hospital malpractice, brain injuries, failure to diagnose and even emergency room and postoperative care errors. A family who is suffering with the devastating effects of a birth injury should have the best possible representation in order to fight for the best possible results in a difficult situation.

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